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Sci Ed. 2023;10(1):5-6
Publication date (electronic) : 2023 February 16
doi : https://doi.org/10.6087/kcse.291
Department of Physics, Ajou University, Suwon, Korea
Correspondence to Kihong Kim khkim@ajou.ac.kr
Received 2023 February 1; Accepted 2023 February 7.

Editors (KCSE) for the next 3 years. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has plagued the world for the past 3 years, appears to be coming to an end. Even during the pandemic, the KCSE has persistently worked toward achieving its goal of elevating Korean science, technology, and medical journals to meet global standards by improving their editing and publishing abilities.

The field of academic journal publishing is undergoing accelerated change and innovation on a global scale. Advanced IT technologies such as artificial intelligence are being widely adopted, and institutional changes leading to the swift expansion of open access publishing are taking place. Rapid growth is being observed in preprint and data publishing, and there are increasing community efforts to maintain the publicness and sustainability of academic information archives. The KCSE will lead efforts to rapidly introduce and implement these new changes in Korea, just as it has been doing consistently over the past 12 years. Since its establishment in 2011, the KCSE has developed into a significant organization with both local and international impacts. Various renowned organizations at the forefront of changes in journal publishing frequently invite the KCSE to attend events and share our experiences and viewpoints. We plan to increase our involvement in international efforts and play a role in shaping the global journal publishing culture. Science Editing, the official journal of the KCSE launched in 2014, serves as a venue for presenting material directly relevant to editing and publishing and for fostering discussions among editors, authors, reviewers, and publishers. This journal has evolved into an internationally recognized publication, having featured many unique and excellent articles. Together with Professor Jaegyun Park, who will be assuming the position of the incoming Editor-in-Chief, we will do our best to advance the journal and establish it as a leading publication in its field.

Academic journals reflect the scholarly endeavors of researchers and serve as important records of human civilization. The advancement of academia and the development of academic journals are interdependent and cannot be separated. Journals in Korea have recently undergone substantial improvements, yet there remain numerous deficiencies compared to those in leading countries. The KCSE will constantly endeavor to improve Korean academic journals through collaboration with its members and editors.


Conflict of Interest

Kihong Kim has been the Editor-in-Chief of Science Editing since 2014.


The author received no financial support for this article.

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